Hotel Kummer LP "wäus is wias is"

Aufgenommen im

Wavegarden-Studio von Franz Schaden

Gemischt im

Studio Bartberg von Mischa Krausz

Gemastered von Horst Pfaffelmayer in der

Gold Chamber

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Ritter Trenk

The story of "Little Knight Trenk" ("Ritter Trenk") is in movie theaters all over Germany and Austria now. Score by Mischa Krausz

For more Informations and to watch the trailer go to:

Hexe Lilli

26 Episodes of the animated TV series Hexe Lilli (score by Mischa Krausz) are now on air...

©Lalo Jodlbauer
Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui

Had ist premiere on Ferbruary 21st at the Wiener Vollktheater.
Director: Michael Schottenberg
Music: Mischa Krausz
Stage Design: Hans Kudlich
Costumes: Erika Navas
Actors: Maria Bill, Partick O. Beck, Jan Sabo, Tholmas Bauer, Thomas Kamper, Alexander Lhotzky, Christoph Krutzler, Ronald Kuste, Günter Wiederschwinger, Rainer Frieb, , Matthias Mamedof, Hanna Binder, Inge Maux, Günter Franzmeier


Back from a sold out tour with S.T.S. including venues in Wels, Nürnberg, Bregenz, Ulm, Bamberg, Regensburg, Passau, Kempten, Ingolstadt, Munich (3x), Stuttgart. 13 gigs in front of a total number of app. 60.000 listeners...Lots of fun!!!

Foto: Boris Guderjahn

Buschpiloten küsst man nicht

The “Big ORF/SAT.1 Movie” directed by Christian Theede, starring 
Alexandra Neldel and Max von Thun, Music by Mischa Krausz, will be on air May 17th, 20:15h on ORF eins and SAT.1

Mit Wölfen unter einer Decke

A documentary in three episodes by Barbara Fally-Puskás.
Music by Mischa Krausz will be on air on
14th, 21st, 23rd of December 2010 on ORF 2 at 20:15

Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind

will premiere on December 17th 2010 at the Wiener Volkstheater

Director: Michael Schottenberg
Main Characters: Thomas Kamper, Andreas Vitásek, Claudia Sabitzer, Andrea Wenzl, Heinz Petters, Matthias Mamedof, Andrea Bröderbauer, Christoph F. Krutzler, Andy Hallwaxx, Thomas Bauer
Musicians: Woodwinds: Gerald F. Preinfalk/ Florian Fennes, Harp: Katharina Hofbauer/ Gabriela Mossyrsch
Music by Wenzel Müller and Mischa Krausz

Baby Doll
by Tennessee Williams

Had it’s premiere on September 10th at the Wiener Volkstheater.

Director: Niels Peter Rudolph
Main Characters: Katharina Straßer, Rainer Frieb, Marcello de Nardo
Music by Mischa Krausz

Der Winzerkönig

The 3rd season of “Der Winzerkönig” starring Harald Krassnitzer was on air this summer on ORF 2 and is now shown on ARD.

Der Täter by Michael Kreihsl

“Der Täter” was on air on April 10th 2010.
Director: Michael Kreihsl
Screenplay: Uli Brèe, Rupert Henning
Actors: Erwin Steinhauer, Mercedes Echerer

by Johann Nestroy

had it’s premiere under frenetic applause on November 13th at the Wiener Volkstheater.
Music for an 8 piece choir + body percussion by Mischa Krausz
Main characters: Andreas Vitasek, Thomas Kamper, Julia Gschnitzer, Günter Franzmeier
Director: Michael Schottenberg
Voices: Chorvereinigung Neubau
Body Percussion: Richard Filz

Defamation” by Yoav Shamir

The documentary had it’s premiere in February at the Berlinale 09 and is screened throughout the world in several festivals with big success. For more details visit the website: . It is a co-production of four countries (Israel, USA, Denmark, Austria - Knut.Ogris.Films; SF-production; Reveal Productions inc.; Cinephil Coproductions).
It deals with the phenomenon and the world wide fight against Anti-Semitism from the point of view of an Israeli citizen.

Watch Trailer

Summer Gigs With Opus

This summer I had the chance of playing the bass on some gigs with Opus. One of them in Beirut...interesting!

“STS Summer Tour 2008”

I had a beautiful summer 2008 hitting the road as bass player for the STS summer-festival gigs.
Playing in front of real big crowds and getting real good reviews.

 “Einen Jux will er sich machen”
by Johann Nestroy

had it’s Premiere on November 9th 2007 at the Wiener Volkstheater. Main character: Andreas Vitasek, Director: Michael Schottenberg/ Music by Mischa Krausz. The play was nearly sold out through the hole playing season.

© Christoph Sebastian
“Der Besuch der alten Dame“ by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

had it’s premiere on 23rd of May 2008 at the Wiener Volkstheater.
Main characters: Vera Borek, Rainer Frieb
Director: Alexander Kubelka
Sound Design/Music by Mischa Krausz
The play is to be continued in season 2008/2009                                                                                      

Reini Ruiss`s album “Des zöht 11e”

was recorded and produced at

during several recording sessions 2007 by Mischa Krausz and is now in the mastering process.

Elisabeth Mellauner´s CD “Des hat was”

was recorded and produced at

and was released by Mischa Krausz for

We presented the CD live at the Nikodemus-Purkersdorf on September 27th 2007.

The 11concertBand

was recorded live at the Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt and the following album was mixed and mastered by Robert Michael Weiss and Mischa Krausz at

in April 2007. The album was released by

in summer 2007.

Richard Filz’s interacting rhythm training book “Rhythm Coach 2” was mixed at the

by Mischa Krausz and Richard Filz.

I composed and produced the score with the Vienna Sinfonie Orchester (WSO) in December 2005.

Watch Trailer

Carl Pannuzzo‘s album
“In the Night the Stars Shine”

has been released and presented by

on November 2nd at the
Carl performed all songs of the CD live with assistance from George Nussbaumer( p, voc), Mischa Krausz(b) and Richard Filz(dr).

The Colour Of Love – Andreas Lukas

On June 30th, the first CD on the new founded record label

"The Colour Of Love" by Andreas Lukas, was released. The release party included the performance of Andreas Lukas and Band at the Andino – Vienna.