Mischa Krausz

was born in Afritz, a small village in Carynthia /Austria, October 2nd 1954 - Raised in Vienna - Has two daughters Esther and Ela - Ela has two kids of her own, Leonie and Jan.

Studies of the Violoncello at the age of ten - Studies of electric bass at the Vienna Conservatory of Music - Completion of the Vienna Conservatory of Music with a degree – Studies of Orchestration at the Berklee College of Music - Working as a bass player - Writing arrangements and producing music for Jazz and Pop projects for his own label m.krausz recordsRecording/Mixing/Mastering is completed with priority at his own Studio BartbergCore business though is working as a composer, writing scores for TV and Cinema as well as composing and arranging music for Theater plays.
Maria Bill.....vocals

was among the rising stars in the aera of Austro Pop. I was involved in several albums as a bassplayer and arranger as well as a live musician on stage. Maria came to Vienna from Switzerland and worked here as an actress. In the early 80ies she started her singing career with her first album after she had big success performing the songs of Edith Piaff. She is still doing both jobs (singing and acting) very successfully. In the meantime Maria is an essential part of the viennese theaterworld.   

Maria Bill Studio Crew

from left to right:
Hansi Dujmic, Mischa Krausz, Heribert Metzker, Maria Bill, Christian Kolonovits, Martin Kunz, Peter Müller   

Hansi Dujmic.....vocals

The André Heller concert tour in 1979 brought Hansi and me together. We became friends and soon after that we decided to form the band Chaos de Luxe with Robert Kastler and Alex Munkas. Although the band itself was not very successful, every individual member`s career was boosted. Hansi started his solo career right after the split of the band. Everything worked pretty good for him for a few years . But then ,when everything seemed under control, the drug problem knocked him out of his life. I still miss the cat....I always will.   

Richard Filz.....drums & percussion


is one of those guys, who don't make a lot of fuzz about themselves. He lets his music speak up for him and he lets music speak through him. The few possibilities of working together, made it clear to me. If you are looking for some groove to add to your music, Richard is the man.
So far I don't know very much more about him, but I have a feeling that this could change soon.   

André Heller.....poet

must be named as one of the discoverer of Mischa Krausz. André's concert tour in 1979 gave me the chance to play with musicians like Toni Stricker, Hansi Dujmic and Peter Wolf. I did all the following recording sessions with André Heller and I am remembering everyone of it as a highlite of my career as a bassplayer.The sessions included player like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dino Saluzzi, Toots Thielemanns, Charly Ratzer, Flora Purim and many more. André Heller has ended his musical career a few years ago and turned over to other forms of artistic expression. He invented and put together real spectacular events throughout the world by melting cultural hemisphers.   

Stella Jones.....vocals

was the singer at the Eurovision Songcontest 1995 with my song
"Die Welt dreht sich verkehrt"   

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Robert Kastler.....keyboards


belongs to the same category of friends of mine like Heribert Metzker does. We all were members of "Umspannwerk" and a band called "Apostroph 2", that won the biggest bandcontest at that time "Popodrome". Robert and I went on tour with the actress and singer Erika Pluhar and we did a lot of studiosessions those days. With the band "Chaos de Luxe" we had one of the first Major Record Deals of our careers in the early 80ies. At the same time Robert joined cabaret artist Lukas Resetarits and became part of an unbelievable story of success.   

Esther Krausz

1st born daughter Esther was selected out of 40 participants being head of coordination of MEDIA Desk Austria. MEDIA Program is the fund raising program of the EU to support the audio visual industry in Europe....What a proud father I am!!.....The picture shows Esther and Christoph, her love relationship for the last couple of years ...


Ela Krausz

2nd born daughter Ela has already 2 kids of her own. Leonie and Jan, making me a proud grandfather. Besides being a wonderful mother she works for an architecture company, creating and plotting for any kind of purpose. The father of my grandchildren, Dawid, is flying for Austrian Airlines.


Thomas Lang.....drums

was the drummer in the Etta Scollo Band. He became a well known studiodrummer and did a lot of sessions in Austria before he decided to move to London.   

Andreas Lukas.....vocals

... is one of those artists, who avoid the mainstream. Not because of an arrogant attitude. It is more like: It happens to him and he can't do anything about it. Even if he would try serving the mainstream, he would fail, because he does'nt mean it. Nevertheless he's got something to say and he wants to be heared. The only way to achieve this is to be patient. And he is (I know it's hard though). The CD "Colour Of Love", that we produced together shows a great segment of his talent, but I am sure there is more to come. So stay confident, Andreas, your time will come !

Stephan Maass.....percussion


decided to live in Vienna in the early 90ies. I was looking for a percussionist for the George Nussbaumer Band and got in touch with Stephan at this occasion. We started the George Nussbaumer Trio, went on tour and recorded 2 CD´s. Stephan and I also participated in the Wiener Festwochen event "Zum Sterben sind wir noch zu jung", which was written, arranged,performed and conducted by Stephan`s wife Elfi Aichinger. Due to his talent Stephan`s reputation as a studio - and live percussionist grew quickly and now he is among the most frequently called musicians around.   

Pete Maunu.....guitar

and I met through Peter Wolf, who booked Pete for a André Heller Tour back in 1980. Since then we played together on several occasions as well as live and for some studio productions. In the later 80ies Pete moved from San Francisco to L.A. , where he became one of the best known studio cracks in the L.A. music scene. Due to the fact that he is married to an austrian girl (which he met during the André Heller Tour!!!), we have the chance to meet from time to time. His musical potential is still growing and is highly appreciated by several producers as well in the U. S. as in Europe.   

Heribert Metzker.....drums

is one of my oldest friends and has already achieved the veteran status. He was participating in one of my first bands called "Umspannwerk" together with people like Robert Kastler, Gerhard Mayer, Karl Fian, Christian Radovan back in 1978. Since then he has been playing the drums on countless studio and live productions (André Heller: Stimmenhören) and is still among the busiest drummers in Austria.   

Alex Munkas.....drums

was a founding member of Chaos de Luxe the band with Hansi Dujmic, Robert Kastler and me. Alex and I first met on the concert tour of the actress and singer Erika Pluhar back in 1980. Since then Alex has been developing into a successful writer and producer in the field of Rhythm and Blues and Pop. Among the productions were top austrian acts like Hans Theessink,Minisex ,George Nussbaumer and many more. In all those years Alex and I never lost contact and colaborated in numerous ways.   

George Nussbaumer.....vocals


has been my closest musical partner and friend in the last few years . First contact was made by the keyboarder Bobby Gutdeutsch after a concert of Etta Scollo in Bregenz 1990. Since then the partnership between George and me continously grew and as a result we released 2 albums and played quite a lot of concerts throughout the country. In 1996 George was nominated as the Austrian Entry at the Eurovision Songcontest in Oslo. George and I wrote the song and we ended up in tenth position.   

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Thomas Palme ....guitar
Renate Reich ....vocals


Thomas Palme is the gifted guitarist on Andreas Lukas' album "The Colour Of Love" that is going to be released in the near future. He is one of the most versatile and tasteful players I met lately. Thomas is closely related to singer Renate Reich who sang some decent background vocals on "The Colour Of Love". Together they have some very interesting projects going on. Check out their homepage.   

Andreas Pirringer.....reeds


is master of Fine Arts in Music and played the reeds part in the theaterproduction "Cyrano De Bergerac" at the Wiener Volkstheater. An interesting, funny, and reliable guy!! All you girls watch out :-)))   

Erika Pluhar.....vocals

by the time I met her she was already a very famous actress at the Wiener Burgtheater. I was booked for her first concert tour in 1980 together with Toni Stricker, Robert Kastler and Alex Munkas. The tour took us through Germany and Portugal. Erika recently released a new album with guitarist Klaus Trabitsch.   

Michael Schottenberg.....director

famous Austrian director is my main partner in music for theaters and filmscores.We´ve done several theater, - cinema and TV - productions in Vienna as well as in Berlin. Cyrano de Bergerac, Mirandolina, Was ihr wollt, Landläufiger Tod, Averills Ankommen ... to name a few of them. Recently Michael Schottenberg decided to work as an actor again at the Wiener Akademietheater.   

Etta Scollo.....vocals


I joined Etta`s band in 1988. Shortly after that, Georg Gabler and I produced her first album that went gold immediately. The following years we played a bunch of gigs and recorded 2 more CD`s. During the recording of her 3rd album Etta fell in love with our sound engineer Peter Schmidt.That did lead to her movement to Hamburg and later on to Berlin where she is successfully continuing her career. Etta recorded  several new albums in the meantime. Follow the link at the top of the story to get more information. We miss you and the Sicilian energy here in Vienna, Etta ...    

Gert Steinbäcker.....vocals

is member of the top austrian formation STS which is one of the most successful bands in Austria. We met through the producer Peter Müller and he booked me for his second solo album that was recorded in a studio on the island of Capri. If his career is permitting it, Gert is a passionate skipper in the waters of Greece.